Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Last year I joined in on the 30 Days of Thanks on FB .. I attempted again this year but life just got to be overwhelming and I faded out of it.

Living in NY right now is hard.  Part of me feels like I'm back to 9/11 days.  The sadness.  The despair.  But amongst the sadness and despair there is hope.  Hope for rebuilding.  Giving thanks for what we have.  Appreciating it all that much more.

I'm so thankful for my family and amazing friends.  I look back to this time 2 years ago and am reminded that we were about to embark on a new stage of IF treatments.  I was scaredshitless to put it bluntly.  But the shots began and we waited.  We scheduled appointments and u/s and finally the actual IUI procedure.

This year I get to be thankful with both of my amazing children - this year hopefully the youngest will actually EAT turkey!!

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